• Mary Preece

Winter Wonders

Winter is a wonderful time for coiling and weaving. The short days and long nights result in many hours to curl up on the sofa and stitch. Further exploration of pods from the Illawarra Flame Tree, Kurrajong and Gymea Lily has resulted in several new directions. Orb, pictured here developed over several weeks, in between my usual basket making. I used a "hand", that is five Illawarra Flame Tree pods evenly arrayed around a stem, as the starting point. I carefully coiled bright red coconut fibre string around the pods, then joined them with circles, incorporating black coconut fibre. I created a crown from Gymea Lily pods opened out to reveal their inner pattern with


five Kurrajong pods. This crown was then stitched into place uniting the five hands into one form. This was a very satisfying and yet challenging work. At times i feared the pods would split, and the final stitching of the crown to the hand was very difficult, with minimal room to move my hands in. I have created a celebratory work which


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